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SOMEHOW I FIND IT SO CUTE how rashid was the one who encouraged sinbad to write those books alibaba loved so much. _(:’3_

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"Yo, Aladdin.
That super boring talk sure last long enough! Can I finally join in?
Looks like things are getting interesting!"
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Ja’far you sweet angel of my heart

Is it just me or Ohtaka is starting to draw Ja’far younger and more delicate looking than she did back when they first appeared in Magi?

you are not the only one.

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Have been having EdMeta feels lately and with several pics without finishing, felt like at least doodling these two nerds for now. I specially love them in their pajamas, so here you go :D

Ed you dork, your little love gestures are the best. You’ll get all the girls like that.

Composition inspired by a screencap of Love and other Drugs -behind the scenes- (that movie is about pharmaceutical sales reps e3e~~ like me; still have to watch it ò¬o9).

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this is so cute

but at the same time I am now imaging Sinbad writing erotic novels and publishing them under a pseudonym, they’re usually about a king and his closest “friend” 

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ja’far will never not be cute, even when he’s making /that/ face he’s cute

I’m not sure

of what 

you mean with

/that/ face

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Bless you Ohtaka, for yet another cute Ja’far in this chapter


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